Orphan Education

  • In Uganda, where war and poverty are a part of every- day life, children are inter- ested in going to school, but do not have the means to do so.

    On average 8 out of 10 children will go without breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Worse still, most African children will have their first and at times only meal a day after 5 pm.

About Orphan Education

Tender Mercies Outreach Foundation has over 586 orphans and vulnerable children benefiting directly or indirectly in different schools throughout Uganda and we’ve identified more students that need our help. Some of these children are provided with all of their school needs including tui- tion, while others can only be provided with scholastic materials. Many of our students do not have any help from relatives or friends and, as a result, live in lack and are not able to concentrate on their studies. When we sponsor a child, we make sure their important needs are met. In our research, we discovered that boarding schools are the best place for many students.

When we sponsor a child, we make sure their import- ant needs are met. Monthly support for each child begins at $25 for ele- mentary (Primary), $55 for high school and $175 for university. Funds will pro- vide tuition, school materials clothing, food and accom- modations.